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The custom training program to help you build a stronger, healthier & more confident postpartum body

Even if postpartum was years ago…..

This custom training program will allow you to

work out on your own schedule, not having to fit

into a gym or personal trainer’s timetable. 

If you are a mama who… 

Needs time flexibility when it comes to working out 

Is struggling to lose weight after

having kids

Is Feeling self-conscious and lacking confidence

Feels overwhelmed and unsure of the rightplace to start 

Is trying to balance a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule

Is not seeing results despite all the effortsyou are making

Listen up mama there is a science to achieving your goals, you need to know the correct intensity, volume, load & frequency otherwise you will be doing a whole lotta working out with stagnant results.

Now I know you have enough going on without yet another thing to add to your plate!

Imagine The Feeling Of:

Relief, you will have one less thing to organize and manage

More balance in your life as you prioritize health and well-being

Having more energy to tackle your

busy day

More confidence

in yourself and

your abilities

Knowing you have an expert guiding you in the right direction

More joy as you feel proud of your accomplishments

It's time to become the best version

of yourself with the...

Strong As A Mother
Custom Training Program

This program is designed specifically for busy mamas

like you who want to prioritize your health and fitness.


Together, we will create a custom training program based on your goals and lifestyle. You'll have access to one on one support which will keep you on track.

It's time to invest in yourself

and achieve the life you deserve

What Will You Get From This

Custom Training Package 

One on One



Check In's

Custom Macros

4 Weekly 


Just a few of the many results
clients are getting

Vicki was able to work out in her own time, and with expert guidance giving her confidence she was doing the right exercises to increase her strength & fitness performance. When she wasn't getting results she had her coach on hand to make the necessary changes immediately.

Sam released 10 lbs in 6 weeks while tracking macros and following a custom training program. (All while chasing after 3 boys and a busy schedule.) 

Sarah increased her strength and stamina by lifting 8 lb and processing to 20 lb in 2 months while following her custom training program.

Your Next Steps Towards

Achieving Your Health Goals

Step 1

Click the "Transform Your Health" Button Below

Step 2

Check Your Email After Purchase and Complete Your Stats 

Step 3

Watch Your Body Transform With a Proven Plan & Support

Strong As A Mother



Perfect program for all activity levels

Valid for one month

4 weekly workouts

custom macros .

24/7 support .

weekly check-ins

Meet Sammi

The Kinesiology and Exercise Science fitness coach for women and men of all shapes and sizes.


Sammi empowers you to reach a place of joy, confidence and fulfilment in a refreshing way. She is a diet restrictions hater, a sourdough lover and your all round fitness bestie.

No matter where you are in your journey this momma of 2 will help you get to where you want so you can RECLAIM your health. Sammi has loved all the stages of her body right through her twenties and into her pre and post-natal 30’s. 

She gets it and she gets you!

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